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Renewable Energy in Jordan

At Tayar for renewable energy, our EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) team offers highly efficient and reliable solar energy systems and solutions to clients in Jordan as well as the MEA region. We present top-of-the-line working solutions that include the Design, build, setup, installation, operations, and maintenance backed by well-trained and experienced engineers in the industry.

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Consultation Services Consultation Services A specialized team will investigate and conduct a full report regarding the utility and structure a plan to reduce electrical bills.Read More

Tayar Solar Renewable & Energy Company

We add reliability, expertise, high-quality abidance, and cost-effectiveness to our clients, we are active across all renewable energy sources, and we integrate our technologies and activities to maximize energy output and reduce the Levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) for our clients. By accepting full value chain responsibility and standing behind the performance of the entire power plant, we maximize the value of our customers’ investments while minimizing their risk.

Our experienced team of developers, professional engineers, and operation specialists partner with third-party developers, independent power producers, and utilities to develop, finance, design, construct and operate the highest quality utility-scale renewable energy projects in the industry.


Engineer sustainable future, as the trusted sustainable partner, creating valued and efficient energy solutions that are granted with passion, expertise, teamwork, and relentless focus on customer satisfaction.


Provide the means to translate the priorities of today into tangible and sustainable actions to benefit our clients, people, communities, and the planet, through clean energy solutions.

  • Professional engineering department Tayar is committed to granting our clients the professionalism they deserve,
    The renewable, mechanical, and civil engineering departments are committed and able to deliver perfect designs that will cover the exact needs of our customers.
  • Professional technical department Large – medium or small projects, the assembly team will carry on the hard engineering work and translate it into perfection,
  • Maintenance and control All Tayar projects will be monitored remotely 24 hours a day for every day of the year, to make sure your utility is always running smoothly with no interference.
renewable energy in jordan
renewable energy in jordan
  • System components and parts Tayar philosophy has been, and will always be, providing our customers with premium quality materials and absolute high efficient parts, and offering outstanding 25 years warranties with confidence.
  • Visibility study Throughout the latest and most advanced simulations programs, the system power output will be calculated, no extra money is wasted, the exact need of the utility will be established, the breakeven to your investment, and more will be handed even before the assembly takes place.
  • It does not have to cost you much Smart solutions for utilities are our profession, low electrical consumption devices or power generating systems are an option for everyone. All you need to do is to contact our sales department and enjoy our free visit and start the beginning of your free energy system
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Use the power of solar energy and save your money Up to 100%

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Solar energy is an inexhaustible and free source

Solar energy is a simple and environmentally friendly way to produce electricity for yourself locally. The resources needed to generate electricity are available free of charge around the world, and the production itself does not affect the health or well-being of people.

  • Calculate the potential of solar energy
  • We will design and build a solar power plant

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homerenewable energy in jordan
renewable energy in jordan
renewable energy in jordan
renewable energy in jordan
renewable energy in jordan
renewable energy in jordan
renewable energy in jordan
renewable energy in jordan