Consultation Services

Consultation Services

Energy Consulting Services in Jordan

Designing and Engineering for solar energy systems.
Tayar for Renewable Energy can offer you the best solar application solution for all sizes of bespoke projects, depending on your needs.
Familiar with all system scaling concepts and which will suit you the best.

The way a commercial building performs in use impacts both building owners and occupants. Operating costs, comfort conditions, and the ability of a building to meet environmental ratings and standards all have a direct impact on business performance.

Commercial buildings are underperforming, and it’s a universal problem. Buildings are wasting energy, contributing to excessive carbon dioxide emissions, are expensive to maintain, and fail to consistently deliver quality comfort conditions.

New data capture and analysis technologies are providing granular, measurable insight into the performance of buildings. This information enables buildings to be optimized for electricity, gas, water consumption, and indoor environmental conditions.

We offer our clients detailed reports about the power consumption in the building as well as gas and water consumption, what techniques to apply in order to save energy, what to avoid and what to consider replacing, and more, to meet the comfort conditions, environmental ratings, and standards.


The future is green energy, sustainability, and renewable energy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger